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Colleen is an inspiring health professional and is a true leader in her field.

Allison Mendes

Continuous Improvement Specialist



I greatly appreciate her attentiveness to prevent injury. 

Pallavi Gossain

Process Engineer

Whitfield’s Property Management





I worked with Colleen McClure when she was the president of the residential property complex.

I reported to Colleen matters regarding civil works done on the complex intercom system, security systems, and electric fencing.


Colleen was always open-minded with regards to new concepts and ideas but no walkover.


Colleen would take the information, research it, get back to me, test the solution and make a well-informed call regarding the route that worked best for her and the best solution for the residents.

Colleen would be the first point of contact during our project and would be waiting for us at 07H00. She would be the last point of communication every day.


Once our projects were completed, Colleen conducted a final inspection to sign the job cards off.


No stone was ever left unturned, and Colleen ensured that we, as contractors, were treated fairly.

The residents were not overspending their hard-earned money, and that the project was handed over in time and at the correct expected standard.


Please feel free to contact me should you require any additional information.

Darren Teixeira The Security Way


Brunei LNG




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