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Claudia Darrigrandi PhD University Lecturer Chilean Participant hosted in Chaloklum Bay, Koh Phangan Thailand 2017 & 2018



 I would like to spend my summer vacations working on myself, on knowing me better, and growth in order to have a better life.


This retreat is The Best Program I have ever been to achieve those goals.


I was here in 2017 on a seven-day retreat, and I went back home with shiny eyes and a huge smile on my face.


For 2018 I decided to take more days to go further with my process of self-growth.


This time was a totally new experience as I could work deeper on myself.


It was a extremely rewarding experience.


I did have time for relaxing and recovering from a year of hard work, but most important is how much I learned about myself and my emotions.


During these 10 days there was a lot of progress on that.


While the work with Colleen was getting deeper & deeper, there were days that I simply could not believe how wonderful and amazing is to know your self more and be connected with your Soul, your emotions, and your body.


I also learned how to take care of myself and got so many tips for self care from Colleen that I can easily add to my daily routine.


I learned skills to stop, to get off the rollercoaster, and just be.


I experienced to be and love yourself.


There are no accurate words to express that feeling.


I am so thankful that I met Colleen on 2017 and that I could keep working with her this year.


Colleen has a tremendous experience and knowledge that she generously shares with you.


She knows about Ayurveda, yoga, Pilates, Buddhism, martial arts, and much more.


She is so creative, she is talented, and guides you in such beautiful way that it’s hard to explain how amazing it is to be led by her.


I am lucky that I met her.


Thank so much, Colleen.


Well done on your healing journey progress

Creative Academic



Progress is….since then she’s published a well-received historical book


AND…. started her own beautifully made creative business in Chile.



German Participant Petra Essenfelder Hosted in Chaloklum Bay Koh Phanga Thailand


Petra Essenfelder Germany, Founder & Leader of the First Trash Hero Koh Phangan environmental campaign on Koh Phangan island Thailand:


Colleen, and the sessions with her, has helped me a lot during some not-so-easy times.


First of all, and to me most important, is her authenticity as a person and as a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher!


I felt totally ‘safe’ and accepted.


On an emotional level, this was a very healing experience.

From the physical side , it was just what my body needed at the time- without me being aware of it before.


I can definitely recommend Saliya Life to anyone who is looking for much more than ‘just a yoga’ session.


Well done on your healing journey progress


 Couples Healing Retreats

Our Time



Cultivate your relationship IF you Choose to.

Australian Participants hosted in Thailand


Thank you for everything.

It was a wonderful and life-changing experience.


It feels like we are a whole world away from those two stressed and struggling Beings.


We are both creating new patterns and releasing old ones.

What you taught us has been an integral part of helping us.


New growth and ongoing self-improvement.

Wonderful moments of Joy & Purpose & Strength.

Good news is since then these two Wonderful people learned together, they have Grown & gotten engaged.


This is what they have to say.


“We both know our time with you changed everything – so grateful.


We both consider you part of our family and talk of you often.

Every morning I hear your voice.


Social Worker & Business Owner ❤

Australian Participants hosted in  Chaloklum Thailand



Australian Participants hosted in Thailand

Sisters Who Learn & Heal Together




We went to Colleen on a private healing retreat for 7 days, and my goodness she helped us tremendously!

I was suffering with grief, stress, depression, an eating disorder and anxiety.


In these seven days, Colleen taught me tools to deal with what has happened in my life.


We went through so many activities, from yoga practice to help with mindfulness, which I use now every day to help me live my life to the fullest!

The things we did and went through I now carry with me daily and use for everything to really live my life peacefully and happily.


I have become a calm and happy person and not let anything stop me from being who I am as a person, and I have to thank Colleen for helping me get to this place in my life!


It is something you would never forget or regret!


Thanks again, Colleen. You will definitely see us again!


Well done on your healing journey progress.





It’s been so valuable to take three days to stop.

To step away from the noise of life and to check in with myself.


I’ve been able to firstly recognise, and secondly process, grief, sadness and anxiety in a safe space with no distractions.


I saw how disconnected I’d gotten from myself in all the doing and feel like I’ve reconnected to myself in a really calm way.
Accessing warmth, calm and cosiness inside me to finally just relax and be.


I see now that grief isn’t a linear process and sometimes you just need a space and a supportive person to be honest with and let it out.


I also feel grateful to have been able to reconnect to myself and to look inwards.

Time out helped me to see that my first purpose in life is to be myself, not to do do do so much that I forget myself.


Because when I stop and process and be, it’s been lovely to recognise that I like who I am ❣️

Thank you for your support Colleen.

-Alison Carter UK  MA Journalism hosted in Waterford Norfolk Ontario 2022





Well done on your healing journey progress.

Life in Progress

After her 3 day private healing retreat she regained her strength and moved to rural Japan to teach English.


I have no doubt she’ll be a GREAT TEACHER!

Private retreat was exactly what she needed for her next growth spurt in Life.


Congratulations on your progress & participation.




I believe your magic comes from a deep compassion for the humans who are privileged to find you.

When I asked my angels for healing, they listened.

Your humanity flows through you and is a gift.

There are no coincidences.


–  Catherine Ferrar Our Kitchen Brantford Business Owner Brantford Ontario


Congratulations on your progress



Colleen saw my Soul and exactly what I needed to heal.

Thank you for helping me clear out some stuff.

I feel like brand new opportunities are coming up and this is my Big Break.

– Confidential & Anonymous  Toronto Masters Social Work



I cannot thank you enough for changing my Life.

You are a beautiful woman and I am forever connected to you.

– Confidential & Anonymous Woman Ontario



After all these years I didn’t think inner work healing was possible.

Thank you.

– Confidential & Anonymous Woman Ontario



Thank you for your sincerity.

– Social Worker Ontario




Unique and beautiful experience!
Colleen is such a beautiful and nurturing soul.

I didn’t say why I was there, she just knew.
I would recommend her to anyone!!

I feel more like myself than I have in months!
Her deep tissue release massage is amazing!

Can’t wait to go again.

-Sarah Kowalski Ontario




Please know that you have made an imprint in my existence and still do!

Your work is important, please keep doing what you do.


I was lost when I first met you and have been blessed to find my way with your help.

I still need to do lots of work but You have helped me lay the ground work.


I am grateful. One day, I hope to continue more work with you.

What you do is amazing.


I remember the words you have said and the energy you have brought in my life.
Thank you always and truly.

Mother of 3 and Wife -Ontario


Progress is, she started her own small business within her community in Ontario ❤



Thank you for showing me how to Truly Live.

Anonymous Ontario









Ontario Chiropractor, Wife, Mom & Business Owner Harmonize Leadership Personal Retreat hosted in  Waterford Norfolk Ontario







  Roxane McMillan Auditor Canadian Revenue Services  from  Regina Saskatchewan hosted in Waterford Norfolk Ontario


I met with this beautiful soul for 2 lovely sessions.

She helped me get rid of the childhood and relationship pain that resonated in my heart and helped my body achieve balance.


All of these years of talk therapy and this is what works.


My mind is blown.

I am so grateful.


Well Done on your healing journey progress!



Sherry Di Meo Wealth Management hosted in Waterford Ontario


What a wonderful experience.

You are amazing.


Oshawa Ontario hosted in Waterford Ontario


Umbereen Inayet Masters in Social Work from Toronto hosted in Waterford Ontario


Congratulations On Your Progress



Colleen has the most amazing Serenity and power that flows from her making you feel

Blissfull, accepted and at ease.

Anything that she touches, creates, teaches or offers is filled with her Essence!

Dominique De Klerk hosted in South Africa


I did a 5 day private retreat with Colleen and it was lovely.

Exactly what I needed and had been looking for (without really knowing it).


I was looking for a quiet place to relax and reflect.

Wanting to prioritize and learn tools to better incorporate self-care and balance in my life.


Spending the week with Colleen was exactly that.

The opportunity I needed to get in touch with my physical, mental, and emotional being.


During my week I also had a massage by Colleen.


I left feeling recharged and equipped to continue the practices I had been learning with Colleen in my everyday life. I highly recommend!

Thanks Colleen for the helpful chats and overall lovely experience 🙂

Joy Dawkins United Nations hosted in Thailand


Well done on your healing journey progress


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Thank you, see you soon

Colleen Glennis McClure


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