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This right here is Empowerment.

You Inspire me.

Thank you for your constancy.

Thank you for believing in me.

I appreciate it more than you know ❤️


Grief, loss & bereavement


Shared Anonymously with permission for her trust, dignity and privacy.

Child loss, grief, loss & bereavement.


Sessions with Colleen was very insightful and comforting.


I was very depressed after a traumatic event happened in my life.
lost hope and self-confidence and I thought that I would never be able to heal.


Colleen was very good at listening to my feelings and concerns, and at the same time, she provided me with different perspectives of the situation.
I felt very safe talking to her because she did not judge me.


I liked Colleen also because her approach was practical and down to earth.
She really brought back the confidence I lost.


I could feel her passion to help others to overcome difficult life situations.
She is a very well balanced practitioner who is trustworthy, professional, compassionate, practical and knowledgeable.


I highly recommend sessions with Colleen to anyone going through tough time and feeling stuck.





Shared Anonymously with permission for her trust, dignity and privacy.

School Teacher Ireland:


“My entire life has consisted of going from one therapist to another, trying to find someone to really help me.

I was so busy being a mother, a wife, working and completing my thesis…. that by the time I contacted Colleen I was riddled with grief and unmovable trauma.


Contacting Colleen was and still is the best gift I have given to myself!


She connected to my soul, and tuned in to what my body needed.

Colleen helped me manage my nervous system, find my voice, she showed me how to listen to my body and she helped reach my full potential without sacrificing my relationships with my children and husband.


But most importantly she helped me discover my true worth!!!!!!!!!!!


Through Colleen I can honestly say that I am sooooo proud to be me!

I finally know my power!!!


As Helen Reddy puts it,

“I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman!”

Thank you will never be enough Colleen! You are a miracle worker!”


I am so happy for her, her family and her Ireland community.



Thank you for all the help and wisdom you shared with me Colleen.

I now feel happier and clearer than I have for quite some time.

I am in a much better head space now.
Feeling good and confident I can start my new life.

            -Anonymous Healthcare Professional  Scotland.

Stress management support.

Divorce grief & loss



Thank you for helping me at my darkest time.

I had to go through that and I’m glad I chose to live.

I liked working with you because you are very grounded.

Not using spirituality as an escape or manipulation.

This is something I am learning to integrate and embody now.

It’s a quite rare quality to find especially in spiritual community.


Anonymous Conscious Community Bali from Singapore -2019

Child loss. Grief, loss & bereavement.

2021 She has now started her own vegan food business.


Thank you for being my teacher and guiding me as I grow.




Just know you were a part of changing my Life around.

-Young man Ontario



Everything about Saliya Life Wellness is phenomenal.

A remedy in so many ways.

Colleen has an incredible gift of knowing and providing sincere recovery.

A master at what she has learned and now teaches because of her passionate journey.

A very comfortably practical yet unique approach to all that is required.

The Transformations!

More people need to know about Colleen and benefit.


-Kari Wood Waterdown Ontario


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Looking forward to working with you

Colleen Glennis McClure


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