The Evolutionary Process Of People Through Art

 In General

As a child, I was always creative and grew up playing the piano.

My great grandfather was a tradesman and owned his own company in Johannesburg, doing woodwork after World War One.


Our family piano was hand-crafted by him, and gifted to my mother.


My great grandmother was one of the women who finally got the RIGHT TO VOTE.
And so, SHE DID.

For years as I focused on my academics and work, I put art and creativity on the back burner of Life and stopped playing the piano altogether.


Then at about 35yrs old, I felt that Inner Call.

This Loud creative call to express myself through paint.


It started with simple journaling and very quickly evolved onto canvas.

I paint intuitively and primarily with my hands.


As I have evolved within myself, so has my art.


9 years later, at 44 yrs old, this one is my most recent creation.

As you scroll down, you will notice a clear difference between “then” and Now.
Through my own phases of Life itself, my art has definitely changed.

I worked on these two for a few months.

A balance of masculine and feminine.


We all have both inside of us in some way.


The one on the left feels like my alignment.


My North Star


To remain True to myself and what I put into the world.

The one on the right feels like a container, a type of space holder both for myself and others who enter my space.


Alignment for me is this.

My decision to leave healthcare and work for myself in the world of conflict resolution, mediation, stress management & wellness was largely influenced by Muhammad Yunus.


A man who won the Nobel Peace Prize in Bangladesh.
He was a school teacher and wanted to help Bangladeshi women out of poverty.


He knew that their biggest challenge was having no access to finance or bank support.

With zero knowledge of the financial industry but understanding the needs of the people, he started a small microloan project for women.
He lent them small amounts of money with an agreed payment plan to help them get financially self-reliant.


This small idea rippled to a Nobel Peace Prize and Grameen bank.


It wasn’t a charity.

He didn’t give the money away freely.


He granted small loans and helped these women build self-sufficient small businesses.

He taught them what they needed to know in order to look after themselves and their families.

From being a school teacher, he now owns the largest bank in Bangladesh.
This was the dawn of social entrepreneurship.❤ Doing business in a way that helped others grow.


That understanding is my Why.


That knowledge is what keeps me in Alignment with my own values.

It keeps me congruent with myself.


Healthcare professionals often want to help everyone, but the most important thing is realising people must want to help themselves first.

Take some time to consider what alignment means for you.


Why are you doing what you’re doing?

What is the big picture of your impact?


What is your Internal North Star?


Beyond the waves and trends of mass media and marketing, what are you actually contributing to in Life, and what are you in support of?


Eagle Woman


Painted over a few months after spending time in Brunei Rainforest.


Both the Phoenix and Garuda, half human-half bird, is steeped in legend.


Garuda is the King of Birds and national emblem to both Thailand and Indonesia.
Phoenix rises from ashes.

The Dragon is the Spirit of Transcendence which soars above the clouds into Freedom.


This 2 m canvas mixed media combines various elements of Asian tradition and philosophy.
Explore the potential of expressive arts with us in a private retreat.

Look closely; you’ll see the legs of a woman and the body of an eagle ❤


Perhaps there is a similarity to this one?


I will say when it comes to art and creativity, you will obviously get all kinds of opinions depending on the observer/viewer.


In my own case with this one above, most of the feedback was encouraging and appreciative.
I did receive criticism from women who viewed it as me “having an image”.


Yes, as creatives, we cannot please everyone.
With the fear of potential criticism in the back of your mind, you will not create.
Keeping in mind criticism usually comes from people who are uncomfortable with creativity.



Forest Woman

A canvas painted after time in the Brunei rainforest.


She was gifted to an Osteopath & Chiropractor in Brunei.

A little bit of connection to the Forest for her and her clients.

She really liked it when I showed her so she got it as a gift.



Happy to say she’s still there for these wonderful people 🙂
Look on the wall.


Can You See?


These two I did within a few days of leaving the Monastery in Thailand after 21 days of silence and fasting.

The first one I called, “Can you see?” The second one has no name.

It’s something Universal within each of us.


The Tao


That which cannot be named.


I often paint and leave the art in places I love or give it to people who have impacted me somehow.


I’ve left art all over the world now.
Coffee shops, hospitals, doctors rooms.

The first one is in a coffee shop near the monastery in Northern Thailand.


The second one I gave to a young Israeli monk I met at the Monastery.


He had been diagnosed with kidney cancer at 11yrs old.
After chemo was unsuccessful, his mom took him to the Monastery.

He stayed there, followed the instructions of the Monks and made a full recovery.
I met him as he was preparing to leave Thailand and return to Israel.

A little token of connection and a reminder to never forget the Universal Connection 🌐♦️


Before an Anchor can ever be raised it must be let go.

This amalgamates an art journal page, a deepwater wreck dive, a photo of my own breath and bubbles underwater.


No name. Created during quiet time.

My favourite thing about art and creative expression is the other woman I share that time with.

We have a way of connecting in a very different way that cannot fully be explained in words, and perhaps more importantly, need not be explained at all.


Each woman has her own personal experience of these moments.



As individuals, Women all over the world are choosing education and personal growth.

They want to learn; they want to grow.

This is what I love most about my work.

High-value education doesn’t have to be in a formal setting.


It can totally be done in a way where people receive the information, relate it to themselves, and share from their perspective in a stress-free environment.

While I am a qualified healthcare professional, qualified educator, and qualified in conflict resolution and being Yogini, I get to teach practical, wholesome, and helpful information.


I also get to listen, and more than anything, I value seeing people Grow.

To Grow, people need to be HEARD❤🙏♦️ A safe container provides that opportunity.

Process, Reflect, Grow 🌐
These 3 photos are exactly that.


Interestingly enough, part of my own education and personal growth process has now also included woodwork through Mohawk College.



Ultimately, when we choose to do the inner work on ourselves, we choose a specific person to do that with.


My viewpoint is, it all starts with individual choices.


Given that I read The Wallstreet Journal and am aware of a trade deal involving the build of 8 nuclear submarines, I currently have GREAT CONCERN for the future wellbeing of Humanity.


If we DO NOT choose to EVOLVE and move towards INNER HARMONY, which ripples out to OUTER HARMONY


Our Humanity is at risk


My process and choice to Evolve started with ME and the Spirit of my Own Passion.


Surround Yourself With Beauty


She was gifted to a doctor in Jerudong Hospital for her and her patients to enjoy.


Spirit of My Passion

She is my first painting and was gifted to a doctor in South Africa for him and his patients to enjoy.



These women above chose to work with me and made the same choice.


So can YOU.


Looking forward to working with more people working towards HARMONY and PEACE OF MIND for ALL OF US, as opposed to people competing and bringing one another down.


Thankfully with the internet, you can easily work with me online


Women in the UK have chosen to do that.


You can also book your private retreat in Norfolk County Ontario

Or book your relaxation massage and speak to me about things then.


Author, Artist, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant & Human Being: Colleen Glennis McClure

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