How to Face Your Fears

 In General

What are the things that scare you, and how well do you handle fear?


For me personally, I watched Jaws 3D at 7yrs old in the cinema.

For years I was TERRIFIED of water.

In a swimming pool, I could only swim on the first step as a child for years.

Eventually, I thought……THIS IS NONSENSE.
I cannot be controlled by the fear of a movie.




My first big plunge was into White Water River Rafting on the Zambezi.
Thrown out of the boat into deep water by myself on a grade 5 rapid.

I almost drowned and……THEN I DIDN’T.

I did find a crocodile
it didn’t hurt me.




My second excellent water adventure was deciding to become a deepwater wreck diver and a divemaster.

My fears were swimming in deep, deep water, so I went to that environment.

I’m no longer afraid of 43m underwater. I’m entirely comfortable there now and can lead other people into deep water as a divemaster.


So so…1 single event almost left me terrified for life.


Why do people often work with me?
Finding resolution after fear.

It’s not easy, and it HAS TO BE DONE SLOWLY; otherwise, we LOSE TRUST. ❤

Hugs as always
Colleen x


Copyright Colleen Glennis McClure

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