Horse Wisdom, Reflecting & Unconditional Positive Regard

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Horse Wisdom, Reflecting & Unconditional Positive Regard


I didn’t visit the horses today, but I did spend some time reflecting on things.

It’s who I am, and it’s necessary given the type of person I am.


Here’s what horses can teach ESPECIALLY if you’re highly Empathic.


Once a horse bonds with a human, it is LOYAL.

A horse will run itself into the ground for a human.

It will literally push itself and run itself to death for the human it bonds to.

A horse will give its life.



So….without boundaries, a person with a great deal of empathy has the capacity to do the same out of loyalty.


Empaths give and love unconditionally.

It is our nature.


We care regardless.
We give regardless.
Unconditional positive regard is our very nature.


We live directly from our HEART.
Feel first, think later.


The REALITY of human nature is that not all humans are wired this way.

It took me years to realise that not all humans relate to unconditional love, and not all humans have EMPATHY.

You might like to read about narcissism.


Not everyone feels in the same way.
I didn’t know that.


There are people in this world who live CONDITIONALLY.


They are wired for…you do this, and I then do that.


Emotional transactions.


The approach is that they show affection if you do something that serves them and withholds it if you don’t.


Emotional currency.


The single most important word in the Empath survival guide on planet Earth is NO and self-advocacy.


It is not selfishness. It is self-full. It is self-preservation for your own good.


Unless you intend to run yourself into the ground and martyr yourself (aka Messiah Complex), learn to say NO.


Boundaries are everything ❤♦️🌐


Loyalty is a valuable trait.
Apply it to yourSelf first.
Because you are WORTH your own loyalty.


Never run yourself into the ground.


Empathy and Compassion start with YOU FIRST.


You cannot pour from an empty cup❤♦️🌐🕯🕯🕯


If you can love, feel and give unconditionally and deeply realise that sometimes you need to put a gate in front of yourself and preserve your own Well.



p.s For Sagittarius women reading this, we are half-horse, half-human.

If there’s anyone likely to run ourselves to death for those we love…it’s us.

It’s in our very nature. ❤❤❤


Learn to preserve your own stamina if you intend on living a long life




You might be wondering WHY?


The amount of times I’ve worked with women from within education, healthcare and social services TOTALLY BURNED OUT because they entered a career believing they should give more of themselves to others than themselves, only to end up ill in their late 30s/early 40s is a continuing trend.


The good old guilt card.


Only for me to hear these words by a politician this morning.



You cannot pour from an empty cup.


While your intentions might be good, TRUST ME when I say THIS IS NOT SUSTAINABLE.

Middle ground, Balance and Harmony required.

This idea of “give more of yourself” is NOT HELPFUL.
Martyrdom never ends well.


If this sounds familiar, BOOK your deep tissue release massage or private retreat. (Guilt-FREE!)


p.p.s I hope this food for thought was helpful.
Colleen McClure

Before you leave, you might like to read Non-Verbal Communication.

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