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Our economy is Stronger when there are more women entrepreneurs.


I recently received a rude email stating that yoga teacher training should be free since it’s Spiritual work, and this was Gandhi’s approach.


My response was that while Gandhi was a qualified lawyer and did remarkable work in the world, he also taught self-reliance.


Our relationship with money is an important one.

It is part of existence, part of Yoga and part of self-reliance.


While Gandhi taught self-reliance and did not accept payment from people, he was financially supported by a wealthy Jewish man, Hermann Kallenbach.


In 1904 Mr Kallenbach met Gandhi, who was then working in South Africa.

They had long discussions on various issues.

In 1910 Mr Kallenbach donated a thousand-acre (4 km²) farm belonging to him near Johannesburg in South Africa to Gandhi.


During WW1, Kallenbach was imprisoned as a prisoner of war.


After the war, he returned to South Africa, where he resumed his work as an architect and continued to correspond with Gandhi.
He died in 1945 and donated a considerable portion of a large financial estate to Gandhi’s Indian community in South Africa.


This is really important to know for perspective.


Gandhi’s work and impact would have been very different had it not been for the continued financial support he received from Hermann.


Saliya Life Wellness is a social entrepreneurship. NOT a charity.


Our economy is more robust when there are more women entrepreneurs.


According to the BDC, numbers talk.


$88.2B additional revenue to the Canadian economy IF women entrepreneurs earned as much as men.



According to me, people talk, people need to heal & people WANT to be Heard.



Good leaders and Good mediators LISTEN.



Realize:  The Carers, The Givers, The Healers & The Listeners of the world cannot be expected to give and give and give.

Regardless of how altruistic we are.



Leadership for Women & (Men Willing to Listen)



Numbers talk.


$88.2B additional revenue to the Canadian economy IF women entrepreneurs earned as much as men.


In my mind, that means we STILL have an economic imbalance in Canada.




Once we have put in the work and effort, We deserve to sit around the SAME TABLE.






The only way to overcome unfair labour practices is for us to be paid for our time, energy, education, experience and efforts.



The services of Saliya Life Wellness are willingly offered both locally and globally because I have invested 27 years of career experience into international healthcare and education.



The spiritual dimension of existence is ONE aspect of being human.



There is MORE to the picture here.



There is also communication skills,  physical, emotional, mental, financial, energetic and human relationships that make us HUMAN.


The yoga teacher training, alternative dispute resolution(ADR), workplace training, deep tissue massage, private retreats and personal consultations integrate various aspects of education and substantial experience into what I offer to society.



As well as already having done a great deal of international social contribution



A holistic, integrative packaging of 27 yrs professional experience and qualifications is the offering, with the intention to impact society in a practical, beneficial and sustainable way for the real world.



As a social entrepreneurship in the real world, I cannot provide this for free, regardless of altruism.



Well-rounded people understand how to work with money AND remain human.



I am supportive of my Yoga Teacher training graduates and retreat participants starting their own businesses, which they have DONE.




I have created a free YouTube channel to support people unable to afford the teacher training, private retreats or massage,  AND remain fair to paying clients and students.

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