Father-Daughter Relationships & Knowing Where You Come From

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Father-Daughter Relationships


Knowing Where You Come From


This man is my Rock.

Gregory Edward Mc Clure aka Greg Mc Clure.



Tradesmen are a particular type of man.

Either you understand them and relate to them, or you don’t.
I do.

I grew up in a Tradesmen family.

My dad is a mechanical engineering gold and platinum man and spent most of his career underground.


In Buddhism, Gold represents Truth.


One aspect of my father’s career was working within the gold refinery area, where the real gold is separated from fool’s gold.


At a young age, he brought me a piece of fool’s gold  (Pyrite) to teach me and remind me always to know what is True, what is not, what is Foolishness, and what is not.


A lot can be learned from Stones.


My father is the type of man who steps up.

He Delivers, and he’s straight up DIRECT with his Truth. At the same time, he is fair and just.

A man of instinct and few words, but when he does speak, it’s to the point.

If I need to hear the Truth of a situation, I’ll ask him.
There’s zero fluff with him.


He took me underground into one of South Africa’s deepest mines to understand his environment and the men around him.


The Core of this Earth is an Intense place, and people who have worked in that environment are likely to be Intense themselves because of their work environment.

Being comfortable underground requires a specific type of person.


I fully understand how stress underground could easily result in an injury or fatal accident. Your mind HAS TO be in the right place within that environment. Occupational health and safety in that environment is a matter of life and death.


I loved every minute of it!


The men allowed me to hold a huge drilling machine and drill a hole into the rock for their explosives.

It was a scary, exciting, and fantastic experience to see and feel what they do every day and relate to them.


I Trust this man with my Life, without any doubt.


He has worked incredibly hard to provide for his family.

He’s taught me many things, including the value of commitment, loyalty, hard work, and the importance of a solid, trustworthy character.


He’s a “Do what you say”, be forthright, and DO NOT do anything that could ruin your reputation type of man.


Based on that, I KNOW exactly how to behave and how NOT to behave out of self-respect and respect for my family.


Thanks for showing me and teaching me through your actions what work ethic and Life looks like, Dad. 🙏

Our “thing” is, my dad is Beauty, and I am Baby Beast.


I often speak of him because I have immense respect for him and how he raised me.
This man was definitely a good and strict father, which I know I needed.

Double bonus points, he makes a good tea for me when I’m home, and if I have a beer, I have one with him.


Don’t Make Assumptions.


It has often come up in conversation where a person has assumed in the back of their mind that I have travelled a lot, assuming that I was/am running away from something and/or running away from my own country.


Thankfully I’m not easily insulted, and I don’t mind questions.


I prefer a question to an assumption.


Every time it comes up, I set the record straight.


There is a reason for every action and every choice.

Cause and Effect.


The initial cause of my leaving South Africa in 1997 was based on a discussion with my father in which he inspired me to travel. He told me I was living in a small town bubble, and the best way for me to truly grow both personally and professionally was through international travel and by leaving the country.

I was 20 years old and by then had completed my pharmacist technician internship in a private hospital, so based on that, to get better experience, he suggested that I travel and work internationally.


The effect of that one decision has been remarkable.


There is no other way to describe it all other than remarkable.


The Bottom Line

I guess the bottom line on this is that in my mind, it’s ALWAYS best to ask questions directly to the person involved vs making assumptions or allowing your mind to embroider a story that may or may not be True.


From a Yogic perspective, KNOWING who you are, where you come from and never forgetting your roots is part of Yoga.

Regardless of where I am in the world, I always KNOW exactly where I come from.


Thanks, Dad. Love you always.

NO ONE can ever replace you.



For me, the most significant thing about my dad is that he fully acknowledges my Mom and is honest enough to say, without my mom in his Life, he would never have accomplished what he has.

How many women would marry a man and get up at 3 am to prepare his lunch, then wave him off for underground?


This woman taught me how to read at four years old.

This woman taught me how to play the piano.

This woman taught me how to make my bed and how to build a nest.

This woman taught me how to say my Prayers.


Known to her ancestors by the name Melody Colleen Pace.

This woman, my Mom, Melody Colleen McClure.


My Parental Units

P.P.S From an emotional wellbeing position, I always say,

it’s better out than in

AND….there is a time and place for everything. People usually work with me for emotional well-being.


Author: My Parents Youngest Daughter Colleen Glennis Mc Clure

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