Do You Have Your Shit Together?

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A few weeks ago mentoring a beautiful Soul in the UK, she said,


“I need to get my shit together.”


We KNOW when we don’t have our shit together!


Knowing that within herself, she reached out to me.

I love it when people are honest with themselves.❤


Being Truthful with yourself, taking ownership of your own Life and then choosing to do something about it is necessary if you expect anything to change.


When you don’t have your shit together, people notice immediately.


In order to help people grow, they need to want that for themselves.


Life is a balance of both Joy and Suffering.
Somewhere in between, Life flows.


The longer you stay stuck in the mess, the longer you remain stuck in rumination.


Men often bond over toys, work and hobbies.
Women will often(not always) but very often bond over commiseration.

Getting together and sharing problems.


The problem with this is that friends are not objective. Family is not objective.

A neutral person (mediator) that is not personally involved in any way IS objective.


I really enjoy doing online mentorship and retreats and trauma-sensitive yoga teacher training because changes for people are made very quickly.

People learn and grow. That is ultimately what we’re here to do.


Get our shit together, get out of the mud, get out of the sloth of the mind, and GROW.
A growth mindset is required.

Ruminating and commiseration is particularly dysfunctional and disempowers people.❤

So so…if you want to work on yourself and you want to get your shit together, you know where to find me.


There’s a solution to every challenge.

Wounds and Suffering is really no place to exist.

Mud is fertile soil for Growth to reach your full potential.


If you choose that.


Hugs to you in the meantime
Colleen 🙏



Copyright Colleen Glennis McClure

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