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Saliya Life Wellness has earned a professional international reputation

offering Yogic Leadership Education for Good-Hearted People


Where Women Are Heard,  Treated Well & Are Welcome To Make An Appointment

Regardless Of Where I AM In The World


Kind Space Holder Healing Hands



“Professional and responsible manner.

Pleasant and friendly disposition, punctual, reliable, honest &

of a very good character.

Mr M Coveos BPharm  Royal Hospital Haslar Defence Secondary Care Agency



“Colleen is an inspiring health professional and is a true leader in her field”

Shell Engineer


“She is an immense source of inspiration to me as a woman and an expert at what she does.

I cannot recommend her enough.

Thank you for my Empowerment”.

Anonymous  Human Rights Lawyer L.L.M International Law Ontario Canada

Stress Management Support



“If you trust what’s best for you, you’ll place yourself in Colleen’s hands.

I love my surrogate mother”.-

McKenzie Dreyer USA  Competitive Gymnast & Performance Artist


“Colleen has always proved herself to be efficient, reliable & willing to assist.”

Mr Hector Mackay

Hospital Administrator South Africa



“Highly reliable, trustworthy & responsible.”

Felicity Jonck Occupational Therapist South Africa



“I talked to you and pretty much saved 50 years of talking in a few hours”

 Construction Business Owner Ontario



“A highly accomplished and brilliant individual, Colleen is passionate about her work, resilient and

keen to help others on their life journey”.

Senior Process Engineer Australia



Thank you. You are amazing at what you do .

You were very healing for me.

Corporate Lawyer Ontario Canada

Loss, Grief & Divorce Support

Global Multicultural Lived Experience

See you soon Colleen McClure


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